Crud Season

If you haven’t caught the crud that’s going around consider yourself lucky. Schools around here are on the brink of closing because they don’t have enough staff to appease state guidelines. The kids are sick too. One class of combined fourth and fifth graders, which is really two classes smushed together had nine kids, total, show up.

I’ve officially been sick for five weeks now. Nothing I do seems to make it better, so I’ve decided to just down over-the-counter drugs and pretend I’m fine. For the record, the sickness has morphed a bit over the five weeks, but there hasn’t been one good day in the bunch. It started with a mild cold that moved into an ear infection, which has been the major component so far. That was when I saw the doctor. There were a couple of days of vomiting, blessedly split by a few days and at least one day of the other-end miseries. Then there was the weekend I thought I had strep and through it all my ears have stayed clogged. Since I can’t hear myself talk and everything is in my head and to me I sound loud. To the rest of the world, I’m strangely quiet and my family is in awe. They never thought it possible.

I’m a yoga therapist- a healer AND the daughter of a doctor and a nurse so I consider myself a little more health savvy than the average Joe. Nothing helps. I’ve tried sleep and rest, hot toddies, hot baths to simulate a fever, Emergen-C, Nettles, Marshmallow Root and the Neti Pot. They all me feel better, but nothing helps me heal.

On top of all that, I’ve been on a round of antibiotics. My husband has been out of town for almost two of those weeks and one of the kids got sick last weekend. Luckily the kids seem to be managing the crud season better than their parents. 

I know I’m a bit of a worrier, but I’m seriously starting to get worried that this is more than a little infection. Remember those made-for-tv movies of the week? They put the fear of illness in my heart. Well, my parents didn’t help by telling me exactly what every bacteria can do to a small body.

I think John Ritter was in one of those movies where he’s a doctor and has this sore throat that won’t go away. Sometimes it’s just this little tickle and sometimes it’s like laryngitis. Finally, it gets bad enough that his family persuades him to see someone and it’s esophageal cancer. We know where that ends, right? Before he dies he spend half the movie with a little chalkboard on a string around his neck. 

Or there’s the real life story involving a family we knew in our last town. My husband worked with Kyle whose wife, Laura, had this weird hip pain. Her hips ache so much she can’t sleep. She goes into the doctor and it’s cervical cancer. Let’s not even talk about the fact that Laura is 33, but maybe I should mention that while she’s had three kids she never goes in for her yearly pap smear. So you’ve guessed it, it’s stage 4 or something really terrible and they go to operate and close her back up because the cancer is everywhere and she’s sent home to die. She’s 33 with 3 kids. Holy crap!

So maybe I have an active imagination and sense of doom. I still check my kids at night to make sure they’re breathing. Or maybe I need a CBC and a full body MRI.

The great plus of over the counter drugs is that at night I have the craziest dreams. Oh, it’s not enough to dream of plays that you don’t know your lines for, but you guessed it again, I’m dreaming of horrible diseases and crud. It’s not enough to have crud and feel like crud, i have to dream about it too.

So I’m doing what I should have done in the beginning. I’m making an appointment with an holistic healer, specifically an acupuncturist/chiropractor who is supposed to be a whiz at diagnosis, especially that under the surface kind of stuff that I wish I were better at.

I’ll let you know how it goes.. Oh and if you havn’t caught the crud yet, Deepak  has advice about boosting your immunity.


2 responses to “Crud Season

  1. Oh darlin,
    I am so sorry to hear how sick you’ve been! I too am a victim of an over-active imagination. Knock on wood, this year I’ve been only a witness to all the flus, colds, and other illnesses floating around. It is too early to feel optimistic, but each day of winter brings us closer to spring and the healing warm weather.

  2. Thank you my dear. It is slowly getting better and I may not have to shell the money out for the acupuncturist guy. Yesterday was the best day yet and today I was almost happy.

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