New Look

A while ago I promised that I would try new looks. Additionally i’ve been told I need to have photos or points of interest.

I’ve been a little negligent. Although I have a web site and am officially a blogger most of these things baffle me. I’m pretty  much lost when it comes to this type of technology. Oh, who am I kidding. It’s not just this kind of technology. Suddenly, I’m like my mother and am lost at all kinds of technology. I can barely use my cell phone.  Obviously I can make calls, but all the other stuff? Lost to me.

I am in awe of blogs like where there are often pictures and they are artful and interesting. Sometimes there is just a photo with a caption.

Some blogs, like, even have photo galleries. Not only are the photos at this blog artful and interesting they are often hysterical. Don’t even get me started on her video.

And posts videos and petitions to sign.

Sigh. It seems like such a long way to go.

But I like writing. I love to write. Always have. And even if I’m the only one here to write for, I’m pretty much content. But I know there are at least a few on you out there because I see the numbers that tell me sometimes other people wander their way in.

So I’m inspired to try harder. Here is the beginning of my attempt. I know it looks a little bare, so I need to work on photos, videos and such. I’ll keep plugging away if you let me know what you think.


One response to “New Look

  1. You’ll get there. You’ll get there. It takes time. I’ve been blogging for three years and I still feel that I am in over my head sometimes. Hang in there.

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