So Now I Have Two Projects

I’ll be honest and admit that I haven’t been figuring out much about blogs. I’ve been distracted and we’ve been having this crazy weather. First it’ll be cool, late winter/early spring-like weather, then it will be 70s and I’ll frolic and play wearing my blue and green flip flops everywhere. Then it will get bitterly cold and snow.  At least one of those days I refused to give up the blue and green flip flops. Luckily, I still have my toes.

But now I have a new distraction and a big project. I went to the Dr.’s a few weeks back for a basic check-up. Frankly, I want to go back on the pill because I’m tired of the crazy mood swings and the heavy periods. So the drill is that since I’m a new patient they need lab work on me to make sure it’s okay to put me on the pill. It’s been a number of years since I’ve been on it. And honestly, it’s been a number of years since I’ve been to the doc.

So yesterday I get the dreaded call from the office. My lab work is back. And everything is great. I even had a cholesterol test which I’d never had before. All week I’ve been making promises to the universe about giving up pizza and hamburgers if it will just be okay. It’s great. They are impressed and happy with all my different levels. I do have to go in for some more tests on an unrelated issue, but I’m okay with that. More on that another time. I’m just happy I don’t have to completely give up hamburgers and pizza and I have promised to be more prudent with my eating.

But, there is one thing. We’re a little concerned, she starts…and I gulp and know I was praying to the wrong universe last week. I start making new promises about salads and lean protein. It’s my glucose level. It’s high. It doesn’t really click for a few hours, until I’m back at my doc’s office to pick up some paperwork. Sugar? High? Oh shit. So I ask to sit down and talk and understand the implications. 

I’m not diabetic. Yet. I am in the high range of normal. The very edge of it actually. I ask about the D-word and she tilts her head at me and makes a noise in her throat. And I ask what would be considered diabetic and the number is only eight points above mine. To put this into perspective, the normal range is a 40-point span. I’m three from the top. So we talk about simple carbs-some of my favorite foods, and we talk about exercise and I leave in a bit of a daze.

I go home and google Diabetes and High Glucose Levels and then I get a bit more scared. The numbers that they told me in the Doc’s office are what the American Diabetes Association considers pre-diabetes and there could already be some long-term health effects.

So officially I’m done with my devil-may-care, I-really-am-immortal-right? attitude. I know, I’m late in life to realize I’m not invincible, but I just had this feeling that I’ve really been through enough shit in my life that the universe wouldn’t possibly be so cruel as to throw a health issue in there. AND I’m a yoga therapist. I know better. I know that I really need to drop the baby weight. Can you still call it baby weight when the child in question is now potty-trained? I know that I go for the carbs too easily when I’m busy, distracted, in a bad mood or just because. 

So, now I have two projects. And dearies, this one is going to take precedence. Lucky for you I’m a pretty good multi-tasker. And maybe there are ways that I can combine the two. I dread to say this, but maybe some before and progression shots of the weight loss. I’ll get back to you on this one.

But here is my promise to you and mostly to myself. I’m going to continue to write about this. I’m going to do all the research I can. This is going to be my driving passion for as long as it takes to get my glucose levels back to normal.

I’ve been given a wake-up call. With all the stress of the last few years, being a Mom to two, the move six months ago, etc I have let my health slide. I have focused on everyone but myself and that will stop now. I have always said that the one thing I couldn’t do is give myself a daily shot. I have joked that if I ever got diabetes I was just going to die, because I can not do all the sticking and poking. Be careful what you put out in the universe. The universe listens. And the universe has a sense of humor.

So be prepared to be bored, inspired, tickled and educated. Come along with me for the ride. Whatever your health issue is we can tackle it together. Almost everyone could do a better job of taking care of themselves, of eating better, of getting more sleep and exercise. I’ll tell you mine if you just show up for yours.


3 responses to “So Now I Have Two Projects

  1. somedayistoday

    Hi there, I came across your blog today and am so happy to hear that you’re taking the news of pre-diabetes seriously! I now have diabetes, was diagnosed 6 years ago. I was pre-diabetic for about 3 years until I had a knee injury that put me out of commission for almost a year. In that time due to lack of ANY exercise, I crossed the line into full on diabetes! It sucks. The good news for you is you CAN stop it from going over that line. You have a choice and I’m so glad your choosing health. I unfortunately (being the stubborn woman I am) had to be diagnosed with this disease before I got serious with my health. I have a long way to go but have come a long way already. My last blood results showed that technically I’m not diabetic anymore! I still am but the numbers are looking SO GREAT due to a lot of working out and eating right! I have a blog too which is all about my health journey if you’re interested in checking it out.

  2. I worry about diabetes more than anything else. My mom had it (diagnosed late in life – the result of years of drinking and bad eating).

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