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I’ve broken the attempt at 30 in 30. First Magistra M did it and while I secretly called her a wimp,  I must have found it appealing. All she had to do was leave me a message saying she was taking a break Continue reading


Learning Through Yoga

As a yoga teacher I hope that my students actually learn things other than poses on the mat. I hope that they learn to be more patient, as they find that poses take time and energy and mostly time. I hope that they learn peace as they find the poses that work on their parasympathetic nervous system, helping them to relax and repose. I hope that they learn to be strong in both Continue reading

Let Go and Write

I think everyone who contemplates writing a blog thinks about all the implications. It’s open. It’s possibly raw. It’s demanding. It could get you fired. It’s a big deal. And yet, is it? For my daughter’s generation it’s just life as usual. But for some of us it really is a big deal.

And then we decide to make the jump and if you’re like me, Just Do It, takes on a new significance. it’s more than go for it. it’s also about Just Let Go. Because that’s what you need. You need to let go of the hope that everyone who reads you will love you. And let go of the hope that you’ll score 100 readers your first week…and keep them. You just need to release any ideas you might have had before you actually hit publish. Continue reading

I Like Black

I like black. I wear it a lot. A lot . Maybe I love black. I always have. I don’t have a reason. I’m not punk or goth or anything that considers itself a trend or trendy or cool or in. I just like black. Maybe it’s just my color. Some people like pink or grey or blue. I like black.

I’ve encountered people that find it threatening, or worth questioning or something. When I was a kid I wasn’t allowed to wear or like black. It was considered too sophisticated, too grown up. Little girls didn’t wear black. Maybe that made me more drawn to it.

I like black. Have I said this before? Continue reading

Random Thoughts

1. Today should have been one of those great days and it wasn’t.

2. Tomorrow might be better.

3. My knees hurt like an old woman. It is the only part of this aging thing that worries me.

4. I worry way too much. Sometimes it keeps me up at night.

5. I’m pretty insecure, but I must be good at hiding it because no one ever suspects it of me. Continue reading

Perfect Fit


This is George, age 3. You may think that’s a caterpillar crawling along his forehead looking for some spring greens. Alas, no it’s not. Sadly, that is the Continue reading

A Picture Is As Good As


This is actually not the moment of sibling harmony that it looks like. Lucy is mad at me for making her take this picture and George just wants to take his own picture. He’s actually quite good at it. He can run Photo Booth all by himself.