30 in 30

l_27fdd839c0c5755a0122337562bea0e52I’m taking the plunge and committing myself to 30 posts in 30 days. It will be good for me. It will be good discipline. It will be good for my writing muscle. It will be good for my perfectionistic self. But my fear is that it will be bad for my ego.

Well, we’ll think about that later. I will try to have non-attachment to my sense of achievement. It will be good for me. I will try to let it be what it is. I will focus on the discipline part of it. Yeah, that’s it. It’s all about discipline and nothing about pride.

So you see, we all struggle. It’s all about progress not perfection. It’s all about process. It’s about being present with ourselves when the ego wants to grab on and be prideful. It’s not bad. We all do it-because we’re all human. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or to try and deny, but it is about growing spiritually. It’s about realizing you can do something and just be present in the process and not worry about the outcome. 

It will be work for me. It will be good for me. it will be some less-serious,  less thought-provoking posts and  more silly posts, more off-the-cuff posts that I will let go off and not pick on over and over again. Poor posts.

 That alone will be a releasing of the ego for me. It will be something that I will relax into and accept. It will be good for me.

Did I mention it will be good for me?

And just because I promised and promised and never delivered, here’s a photo. I didn’t say it would be relevant, I just said I would spruce up the site. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and when I couldn’t find the perfect picture that created the perfect mood for the post I just decided that my writing would be enough. I’m working on it. So here’s a photo and it’s here because it’s here and I’m cringing, but it’s good for me.


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