It’s All About Gratitude.

I’m focusing on gratitude again, although today I taught about opening and releasing. My keyboard is acting up and the blogging thing is stressing me out so I think today is a gratitude list. I encourage you to do one too. Seriously, the keyboard is barely usable. This morning I woke up and the things that were on the computer desk were on the floor. We think it’s the cat. There was a glass. So it seems that maybe something spilled on the keyboard. We took it apart once, but I don’t think we got it all. These are the things I’m grateful for today. If you’re really serious about  bring gratitude and awareness into your life making a list…a quick list, everyday helps get you to notice the little things in the day to day.

Today I am grateful for:

1. …the fact that I am allowed to sleep in sometimes. My daughter is old enough to get herself dressed and fed and off to school by herself. The little one is out of town. I was up much too late on the computer and then woke up at 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep. I finally fell asleep, but didn’t get enough sleep so when my daughter got up I said good morning, stayed up for a bit to say good bye and then went back to bed.

2. …the new scale, which despite my bad eating habits yesterday (and now today), still said I lost a pound, when i stepped on it this morning. 

3…the kick-ass Lawrence Public library that has a great DVD selection. It allowed me to lounge in bed and watch Charmed during the day today when i was too tired to do anything but fold the laundry.

4. …my beautiful daughter who has the crappiest attitude on the planet some days. Today she taught me patience. 

5. …my husband’s persistence and perseverance. Despite illness and hard times he keeps trying. He puts up with my shit and I put up with his and somehow we’re closing in on 20 years together. There’s this great John Prine song that I sometimes think describes us perfectly. The most relevant line is “Against all odds, honey we’re the big door prize.” It’s called In Spite of Ourselves, which also sits pretty perfectly in the lap of our relationship.

6….the weather today that was absolutely beautiful. Sunny and bright and blue and  almost warm, but not quite.  (This counts and don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t._

7…the student who came out of a tough pose with this beatific, glowing smile , today. She loved it and it made me love what I do.

8.  ….I steal this one from Danja….FB and Twitter and all the other social networks and media that have brought old friends back to me and helped me deepen current friendships. I just reconnected with my best friend from 2nd grade thru high school. We lost contact during the college years, as so many of us do and FB brought us back together. We never would have found our way back to each other, otherwise. She was one of the people I was up too late chatting with last night. 

0. …the fact that number 8 can be repeated over and over. I have so many wonderful friendships that are richer and stronger because I get to keep up, see updates, chat and email on a daily basis. It makes those people very present in my life. If you had my friends and acquaintances you’d want that too.

That’s it for now. The list doesn’t have to reach a certain number. It’s done when it feels like it is. In this case, I just want to focus and stay present with these. Friends, family and sleep. Those are pretty good things to be grateful for.

P.S.!!! I think I fixed the time stamp. Shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is.


One response to “It’s All About Gratitude.

  1. I am feeling grateful today too…for too many things to list.

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