Learned the Lesson

It hit me like a ton of bricks, the answer to the time stamp dilemma. Please don’t read back to find out what I’m talking about. You can’t. I’ve absolutely messed up understanding the time stamp issue.

Okay, in a nutshell. My time stamp was off (am I even calling it by the right name?). Sometimes I would post late at night and it would appear that I’d actually posted the following day. Not a big deal until I wanted to do 30 posts in 30 days. And sometimes that meant that it was showing I posted twice in a day. And then when I would look at the little graph showing me how many people were checking out the blog it would switch to the next day about three hours early. So annoying. 

I’m guessing for most people this wouldn’t be that annoying, but for me it was like that scab you can’t leave alone, or my cuticles or my son’s cowlick. I couldn’t leave it alone. 

So guess what I did? Well, if you’ve read back at all you know that I tried to go in and fix it. I went back and edited times on old posts. And two problems popped up. The first is that I went in to a post to write that I fixed the time stamp issue and re-saved it not thinking. It saved to the current date. Stupid of me, i know, but I said I wasn’t thinking. So I fixed that, I thought. And then I went back to one of the two days that had the same date and moved the post to the real date. Okee dokee, everything going fine. Then I went back to fill in another date….and I didn’t have enough posts. WHAT?!?!?! But I DID when I started. I know that I posted every single day in April. So, I’ve majorly f’d up and just as I realized it and was trying to figure out what to do or even how to explain it in this post John Lennon came on Pandora, singing Let It Be. (And if you’ve never checked out Pandora, do. It rocks.)

And really, that was my original wisdom. I shouldn’t do anything, I should just leave it alone. And isn’t that often the wisdom. Don’t pick the scab or your cuticles and i know my son would be a happier child if I left his cowlick alone. So lesson learned (didn’t I tell you I knew there was a lesson?)

So, that’s only the first part of lesson. It’s a good lesson, but it just wasn’t enough. Sometimes I need to be hit over the head.

Yesterday in my surfing and aspirations for inspiration I discovered this song, May I Suggest , by singer/songwriter Susan Werner. The lines that were the conker that hit me over the head are “May I suggest this time is blessed for you. This time’s blessed and shining almost blinding bright.”  And, of course, “May I suggest this is the best part of your life.”

Oh! I get it. I really do and I’m going to stop playing with time stamps and not worry about what came before or what it will look like in the future and just focus on right now. And I thank the universe for reminding me that this, right now is important. This, right now is what’s the most important, always.

Yoga is a practice that teaches us to be focused and mindful, of the present, in the present. Through being present we flow with the harmony of life, not getting distracted by what is over or by what might come. It’s a hard practice and the mind struggles, especially mine. 

I believe things happen for a reason and I believe in signs. And I know people scoff, but I don’t think you do something like hear a new song and have it resonate in your heart by accident. I believe it’s in your heart for a reason and I believe that most experiences are meant to teach us. The universe has sent me a little message telling me what I really need to work on. And it’s really not terribly exciting or new. I could do 30 posts just on how many times I’ve been burned by worrying and creating problems that never existed or focusing on something from the past until I couldn’t sleep.

I know if I am right here now, I can only make decisions that are true and from my heart, can only speak from a place of love and only act from a place of truth. It’s when my ego pulls in the “remember when” that things start to get wonky. If I remember when my husband forgot to pick up the butter and I was really pissed and base any decision or words on that fact, I’m bound to get into trouble. Then I will start worrying about the future-that something that hasn’t happen will affect my serenity in the future, when really I’m only affecting my own serenity.  I will start feeling agitated, I will likely start a fight and we will likely have drama. 

So the best path for me is to stay in this moment. To stay present and focused on how I feel, physically, emotionally and mentally right now. And the best way to do that? When I forget and I start to get those “remember when” and “what if” urges the best place to go is to the breath. Just Breathe. When I’m truly focused on the breath I can only be right here in this moment.

When I need a little reminding I only have to remember that this is the best part of my life.


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