Last minute Easter

I am one of those people who really likes a plan. I like to think of my day ahead of time and feel secure that I’ve thought about what needs to be bought, what needs to be picked up, what needs to be washed, cleaned or done before the moment arrives and I go Oh Shit!

How come then for the second, possibly third, year in a row we are in the mad dash for Easter.  THE DAY before. We just got back from Target. Last year I think I actually woke up early Easter morning and made a Wal Mart run for candy and plastic grass.  

The only up side to this whole thing is that I think we’ve really learned to simplify our hoiidays. Sadly Easter is not the only holiday we’ve done last minute lately. I think it’s the second kid. I think it’s throwing me off-yes, I know he’s three and it’s really not an excuse anymore.

So what is our Easter like? Since we’re not Christian it’s mostly a candy holiday or more important a family holiday. This year thanks to Peep week at Up Popped A Fox it’s a little more exciting than usual and I’m not dreading the whole thing. And this year the youngest gets it a little more, although he does think that after we dye eggs tonight we’re going outside to hide them for the Easter bunny who will find them and bring them in to hide for us.

Tonight it’s frozen pizza. I know-Yucko, but I added fresh veggies to make it a little more palatable. Then my husband will dye eggs with the kids. Somehow I’ve managed to get out of eggs, pumpkins and fireworks. The most exciting part is that for dessert we’re going to ROAST PEEPS. I swear I learn the best things from Vikki. We don’t have a cool chiminea so we’ll do them on the gas stove. At some ungodly hour when they’re finally asleep I will put together the baskets and the hub will hide eggs. That’s the way we’ve divided it up for years now. And except for the fact that he often forgets where he’s put them it works out pretty well. One year we smelled that lone, last, lost egg about a month later. 

Do we eat our eggs? No, we do not, mostly because the girl thinks they’re too pretty to eat. Let me just mention the girl for a moment. This child is 12-almost 13 and she’s as tall as I am and every year I think we can forgo a basket for her and she won’t want to do eggs. What do you think? Of course not. Every year she is scandalized that I even mention she might be too old for a basket or that I’d rather forgo most of it.

I might push the eating the eggs a bit more this year since I’m interested in making curry egg salad.

Tomorrow the kids will find eggs and then they’ll play hide and seek with the eggs and each other, the oldest mostly hiding them.  We’ll go to church and since we go to a laid-back, non-traditional place that focuses on the teachings of Christ (as well as some other pretty wise people) and not the divinity of Christ, it will be interesting to see what the pastor comes up with for service. Dinner will be the traditional ham and asparagus and while I’m cooking we’ll make the Peep centerpiece. Really, I don’t think we’d have anything to celebrate if it weren’t for Vikki.

Then we’ll eat and afterwards I’ll lay with my belly in the air thankful that another holiday has come and gone.

I’m not sure what happened to my love of the holidays. These days I mostly just try to get through them. I think I’m a little burned out, because I remember being more into them when my oldest was little. My plan tomorrow is to get up earlier than everyone and meditate. My hope is to stay present through the day, enjoy my family, see the holiday through my kids’ eyes and try not to scream when the sugar rush reaches the maximum noise and whining point. And somehow I’d like to stay kind and smiling when they crash and a new, different type of whining begins.

I’ll post a picture of our Peep centerpiece soon.


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