Taking a break

I’m sick. A bit better, but sick nonetheless. I woke up this morning, started reading and fell asleep. I took a bath, got back into bed and fell asleep. 

I actually taught this afternoon and we had a very nice, quiet practice. I came home and fell asleep.

For the last few hours my husband and I have been watching a marathon round of NCIS, the second season. i’ve seen more dead  mannequins in more disgusting states of decay than you can imagine. The writers at NCIS have very vivid imaginations.

And now, I’m going to climb back into bed and hopefully, fall asleep.

BTW I finished House Of Mirth and it was still the sad, terrible end that didn’t change regardless of how I worried and hoped for Lily Bart to make better choices. 

Tomorrow if my symptoms aren’t better I will start my secret, sure-fire cure. 

Good night.


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