Why I’ve been MIA

I was thinking about how lame this post was going to be and wondering if it even counted when I saw Danja’s FB update asking if even a lame post counts towards her goal.

I heartily believe that a lame post counts, so here goes.

I’m still sick and today my son fell off the arm of a chair (I wasn’t even in the room) and landed his head on a terra cotta planter. Seven stitches, a late lunch, resulting in a mad dash to get my husband to his highly coveted doctor’s appointment, resulting in a mad dash to get to class on time, later and I’ve been in bed for a few hours. My sore throat is back. It took a hiatus for a good part of the day. Now it’s been joined by a very stuffy nose and some chills.

My house is a mess. I don’t think anyone has clean clothes for tomorrow. I have Peep pictures to post and half a dozen important emails to answer, not to mention another half dozen fun emails to answer and a client I need to call back, BUT I’m going back to bed. I’m putting NCIS back in the DVD player and hope I fall asleep to the sounds of gun fire. Or at least the sounds of Ducky’s hand-held saw.

I’m categorizing this under family, because only with  family would my life be this crazy and only with my family could I survive.


3 responses to “Why I’ve been MIA

  1. I hope that you (and your son!) are feeling better soon. You could file this one under “nobody told me there’d be days like this” – ha ha.

  2. When I blogged today, I thought of you. It’s connected to gratitude and I can’t think of gratitude without thinking of the example you set with regard to it.

    • Thank you. I feel like I have to consistently remind myself to look at life in that special light. Your comments always make my day (and often they’re my only ones). Thanks.

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