If it’s Wednesday it must be…gratitude day!

In all honesty I forgot it was gratitude day. Until a friend reminded me. And for that I’m grateful. And her reminding me is only part of what I’m grateful for today. And she is sort of a new friend, an old new friend. I’m thankful for that. 

Today I did something extremely unusual for me. I spent a large amount of money on myself. Not Trump large. Or an Olsen sister large. Not even a Sam Ronson large. But to me it felt huge. I’m so happy and grateful I spent that money. The money is for a long weekend in New Hampshire where a group of women will celebrate our 40th birthdays together. For me, it will be new friends and one old friend. And for that I’m grateful.

It will be new old friends because we all went to college together, but I wasn’t really part of their group. I’m not even sure if they were part of the same group. But we’ve all connected through one friend. Again, I’m grateful.

This year I’m turning 40. I think I’ve mentioned it, no? It’s a big deal to me and I’m very proud to be doing so.  Turning 40 is huge…a rite of passage, a special time for which I feel thanks and gratitude. I’m happy to be approaching it and so there is a group of college women who will gather in New Hampshire the first weekend in June to celebrate it together. And for that I’m grateful, but more so I’m grateful for the fact that we’ve all reconnected and connected. 

So, (hangs head shyly) I’m really thankful for Facebook, Twitter, Plinky and all the other social media I sometimes find myself visiting. Because without these I would not be in such constant contact with these women. I know all of them, but truthfully they’re not all my friends. Or they weren’t. I am friends with Magistra M (As a teacher she likes to fly under the radar) and it’s her house. Somehow we’ve managed to keep up since we first met in college. I am grateful for her friendship every day.

And it is through Magistra M that I have connected with her friends, my college mates. I knew all of them in college, but not well. We went to a small college, so we were all friends of friends or something. Recently i’ve learned to know and like them and consider them my friends. When you can suddenly consider four strong, funny, well-educated, kind, professional women your friends, you know it’s a good day. I am a blessed woman.

I am grateful for this opportunity to fly half-way across the country to bond, celebrate, relax and just have a good ol’ time college style. Okay, well, it is 20 years later so maybe not really, college style. BUT these are women who knew me when. They knew me when I thought I was invincible, when I had energy and effervescence and bounce. Before Facebook we lost track of those people. They slipped away and I, too, thought they had disappeared.  But we are so lucky to live in a time when it’s not hard to find those people we once knew. And we can hope they still want to know us. I’ve been lucky. Not only do those people want to still know me, but there are others want to get to know me.

I am grateful for my friends, I am grateful for being connected and I’m grateful for turning 40.


One response to “If it’s Wednesday it must be…gratitude day!

  1. Flying halfway across the country to hang out with people I haven’t been close to in 20 years (and some that I have just gotten to know) is very unlike me and, yet, I am doing it and I’m very excited. This electronic communication stuff is wild and wonderful! I’m glad you got your tickets!

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