Prairie Burning

Last week the prairie burned. Oh, in Kansas it’s an event. There’s even a festival.

As a result though, the pollution levels in the state skyrocket, especially here since we’re only an hour away from the fires. At night the sky glows if you’re looking in the right direction. It’s kind of interesting. It’s natural, even though it pollutes. It’s essential to the health of the prairie. Or this is all the stuff the Kansans tell me. I’ve been here 10 years and I still don’t consider myself a Kansan.

But, here’s the thing. I can’t breath, my son can’t breath. My asthma is bothering me more this week that it has in the last five years. I can barely demonstrate poses in class because I’m all wheezy and the inhaler doesn’t seem to be helping. At night I’m stuffy and I snore like a linebacker. (Do they snore? I’m sure at least half of them do.) I’m tired through out my day because I didn’t get good rest and I’m fuzzy. I don’t seem to remember things well or follow through with thoughts all the time.

So this has been my entertaining way of telling you that, yes, it’s another lame post and that I’ll catch up with you all tomorrow.


2 responses to “Prairie Burning

  1. Never consider yourself a Kansan! I was born and raised there and try to avoid being labelled as a Kanasan. ha ha.

  2. Hi Mel! Thanks so much for stopping by. Living with little boys sure is a trip!

    I see you are from Lawrence, KS. My husband is a KU alum and my father in law lives in Wichita (or as we call it Itchy-taw!)

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