Oh! The Peeps.

I almost forgot! Thank God for Peeps. Because without them I might have to actually to think about the post today and considering the day I’ve had it might be a terrible burden. Let’s not get into it.

Instead, let’s start with Easter. I know it’s over, but that’s the kind of woman I am. I’m often a bit behind the rest of the world. Sometimes, though, I’m happily ahead. So I guess it’s a wash.

Anyway, we’re not a big Easter family.


We’re not officially Christian. Well, a long time ago my husband was baptized, but I’m not sure if it counts anymore. And we go to this church that  quietly calls itself Christian, but they don’t really believe in the divinity of Christ and I’m guessing (since I grew up a heathen) that there are a whole mess of other churches out there that might be offended by our church calling itself Christian. 

But it’s a good place, with lots of good 

people and I leave on Sunday feeling uplifted and inspired. So I figure, it’s all good. I don’t call myself a Christian, but if they want to it’s really up to them. I also happen to know that this religious group attracts Jews, Buddhists, Pagans and the not-really-sure so I’m pretty comfortable there.

Again, I should get to the point. The point is that Easter is always this weird holiday for us. It’s so important for some, but for us it’s really a candy and family holiday and I never know how I feel about that. I think that I should be more reverent, but then when I stop to think of what, I’m stumped. And it’s tradition. My husband and I both grew up celebrating Easter so it seems strange to not do so with our kids. I once even attended early Mass with a hat and a new Easter dress. I almost passed out from not eating first and all the standing and kneeling, but that’s another story.

This year was a breath of fresh air. I know I keep mentioning Up Popped A Fox and Vikki a lot and honestly I’m not in love with her, nor do I want to be her, but Vikki introduced me to the world of Peeps. This energized Easter for us.

I don’t know why, but I was never a big Peep fan. In my mother’s world they would be considered “cheap” candy and that’s not what we grew up on. Our Easter baskets were filled with fine chocolate bought at Marshall Fields and velvety plush animals. My Mother might pass out if she saw what i put in my kids’ baskets.

But back to Peeps. To be honest, Peeps might be the worst tasting Easter treat or holiday treat I’ve ever tried. But they’re cute and they’re malleable to centerpieces and not half bad when you roast them. I didn’t know this before this year, but I’m learning fast. 


So I promised I would post it and here it is. Our first Peep center piece. You must remember that George is only

peeps21three so we chose a very simple structure that everyone could help build. To be honest, I didn’t help. I think I was posting. Next year we’ll probably invest in more Peeps. 

The centerpiece is still on the table and tonight at dinner my 12-year old asked if we could burn it. I hissed at her to shut up, since I really didn’t want to see anymore tears tonight. After a beat, eyes shining, George looked up at me and said “I want to see the Peeps burn.”

Pictures forthcoming.


3 responses to “Oh! The Peeps.

  1. Hooray! Simple is always best. Mind got too complicated over the years and that’s why I’ve had to retire. ha ha. Yours is awesome and I’m with George…let ’em burn!

    I’m not a Christian either but celebrate Easter b/c of tradition and b/c I’m a sucker for an Easter basket. Peeps are such a wonderful pop culture icon…

  2. Beautiful! As Magritte said, Ceci n’est pas une peep…

    I want to see it burn too! did you take any pictures?

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