I Like Black

I like black. I wear it a lot. A lot . Maybe I love black. I always have. I don’t have a reason. I’m not punk or goth or anything that considers itself a trend or trendy or cool or in. I just like black. Maybe it’s just my color. Some people like pink or grey or blue. I like black.

I’ve encountered people that find it threatening, or worth questioning or something. When I was a kid I wasn’t allowed to wear or like black. It was considered too sophisticated, too grown up. Little girls didn’t wear black. Maybe that made me more drawn to it.

I like black. Have I said this before? Recently I’ve had an acquaintance who took it upon herself to always point out when I was wearing black. Well, I was always wearing black. So, you know, she got old real fast.

My kids wear black. It’s easy to keep clean and my blonde, blue-eyed kids look striking in it. Black it is. They’ve done their stints in blue, brown and  gray, but really they’re kids in black. Who wants to wash pink every day?

Okay, let’s be straightforward and honest. I like it because it’s slimming, it’s sophisticated. Coco Chanel would never have questioned a woman wearing black. She wouldn’t have even blinked .

Coco said ” I girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Black makes me feel both things. Black is the most sophisticated I know as well as the most classy. And Coco would say that she meant how the wearer feels, not how others view her. I love black and I don’t apologize for it. Although, looking back at past pics maybe I should apologize for it.

I think I’ll just wink and say goodnight.


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