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The Universe Said What?

Well, it’s been a little since I’ve written. The reasons are too many to go into, but mainly because I felt gypped by the universe and I decided not to participate in any of the things that I had previously decided were enjoyable. 

Take THAT universe.

That’s how my crazy little brain works sometimes. Continue reading


A New Path?

Today I’m grateful and what do you know, it’s Wednesday. It’s funny how that works and not necessarily a coincidence.  The theory behind being


grateful is twofold. Being grateful teaches us to appreciate all that we have, to look at the little things as well as the big things and to learn that the pain that may be now will pass and we will move back into a grateful state once again. And actually that sentence in itself brings up more than two issues, but I’m moving on anyway.

The other aspect is that when we put out good energy in the form of our gratefulness then it comes back to us. We are telling the universe/god/goddess/buddha that we like these good things and we are rewarded with more of it (I use the term rewarded very loosely). Well there’s a theory Continue reading

Ahhh Boys!

Cat ScratchWell we thought we were going to get through the rest of the…..week/month/season with no more injuries. Today George walked into our bedroom where my husband and I had been discussing my new classes and figuring out pricing, etc. G. just came in to ask if we were done talking. He wasn’t crying. He didn’t seem scared or upset. Yet he had bloody streaks across his face.

I actually didn’t see anything different about his countenance, but my husband hopped up, scooped G into his arms and questioned him, asking “What’s wrong? George what happened?”

He didn’t crack until he saw himself in the mirror. His dark blue eyes got wide and there was complete shock on his small face.  At this point I put it all together and  said, “did you mess with the cat?” His little mouth turned upwards and his eyes filled. Continue reading

Parenting and yoga

yogagirlAs my daughter gets older I find my hopes and desires as a parent and my yoga crashing into one another. This is a tough one for me. I am now the mom of a tween, but she’s soon to be a teen. As the months count down I’m really digging deep and reflecting on what yoga teaches me about parenting. But I guess, it’s more than yoga. It’s a compilation of wisdom that I call my belief system. Continue reading

Someone Saw Me

A little while ago I got an email from an old friend.  We’ve been emailing and chatting on Facebook for a few months now. We’re rekindling a friendship. The email was about observations from 20 years back. It was about things I had forgotten. It was about a me I didn’t know anymore. It was exhilarating and wonderful and exciting.

The most wonderful thing about FB is that people keep coming back. They keep reminding me of lost times and a person I used to be. They remind me and they help me keep my past vivid and tangible. Continue reading

The Peeps Live!

I just have a quick note to report on the Peeps. They still live on our table. They’re sort of sad looking. I ate one a few weeks ago to see what it was like. Hard on the outside, but actually pretty soft on the inside, which is scary. A week or so ago George attacked a couple of Peep noses and maybe a tail. So they are falling over, missing a few comrades and a few body parts, but they are brave and they persevere.

The problem is whenever we talk about burning the Peeps, even quietly in the kitchen without George around, a little voice screams “No, don’t burn the Peeps. Don’t hurt them!” from somewhere else in the house. Mention Peeps and his little mouth turns down, and dreamy eyes swim in unleashed tears. He knows we’re talking about their demise and it saddens him. I know, I know, there’s a lesson here. I just don’t think I’m ready to learn it.

So for now we have an hard on outside, soft on the inside falling, half eaten, falling down centerpiece. It will stay until George is brave enough to throw them away or the rest of us are brave enough to burn them behind his back.

More to come…..

Oh George!

photo-4801George has another gash on his forehead. It’s been less than two weeks since the first set of stitches. If you remember, he was sitting on the arm of a chair, toppled off and landed on a terra cotta planter at exactly the correct angle to open his head to the skull. He literally had a hole in his head. And that’s what we called it until it healed, his hole.

Today he came home with a half inch gash. Luckily, we couldn’t see bone, but he was bloody again and really,  it’s possible he could have used a stitch. But having spent the better part of a day and several hundred dollars at the doctor’s office just two weeks ago (or so) we decided to tape it and let it go. It’s close to the hairline and it might be sexy later in life. His future partner might thank us (and in the back of my head there was the thought that someone might call family services, but it really didn’t have anything to do with our decision to tape it). Continue reading