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Shake It Up!

I’ve learned a couple of things in my life. Not many more, but a couple that have really served me well. And honestly, I’m at an age that I’ve forgotten more than I’ve learned. I fear this is only going to get worse.

One of the things that I’ve been able to look back on and realize is that the most exciting times, with the most growth, the most potential and the most happiness is when I was shaking it up. Yup, shaken not stirred.

Some people know this instinctively. Some people are always ready for the next mountain, the fastest slope, a house full of kids. Me, I take my time. Sometimes I don’t even get the skis on. I think a lot. I’m in my head too much. I think sometimes till it’s too late. But I’ve learned that there’s more than thinking. There’s feeling and there’s knowing.

At one point of my life I really liked being in my head. I thought I was academic. I thought I was smart. Or actually I was probably afraid that I wasn’t, so I liked to think that I was… and tell Everyone I was. I surrounded myself with evidence that I was.

I chose a college not based on location, sports, family tradition or anything that many of my classmates did. I chose it because academically it was the best school I could get into. And it never dawned on me that one would choose a college for any other reason. I guess in some way I was playing it safe there too. Continue reading


Commit to Passion

I have this bad habit. My edit button sometimes sticks. I think that’s okay here, because I think it shows the regular ups and downs of regular life. Even for a yoga therapist. So I talked and talked about doing well and flying through life with colors-or something like that-and then I hit a will. And I guess that’s

progress, but I have to admit it feels a bit like failure. Because I wrote it. If I’d kept my mouth shut about life being all roses and then I hit the wall it would be okay. But I was out there and my stumble was public.

But that’s good. It’s good for me to feel that and to question it and to be in that uncomfortable space. Because from the uncomfortable comes growth. Boy, am I growing.

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