Shake It Up!

I’ve learned a couple of things in my life. Not many more, but a couple that have really served me well. And honestly, I’m at an age that I’ve forgotten more than I’ve learned. I fear this is only going to get worse.

One of the things that I’ve been able to look back on and realize is that the most exciting times, with the most growth, the most potential and the most happiness is when I was shaking it up. Yup, shaken not stirred.

Some people know this instinctively. Some people are always ready for the next mountain, the fastest slope, a house full of kids. Me, I take my time. Sometimes I don’t even get the skis on. I think a lot. I’m in my head too much. I think sometimes till it’s too late. But I’ve learned that there’s more than thinking. There’s feeling and there’s knowing.

At one point of my life I really liked being in my head. I thought I was academic. I thought I was smart. Or actually I was probably afraid that I wasn’t, so I liked to think that I was… and tell Everyone I was. I surrounded myself with evidence that I was.

I chose a college not based on location, sports, family tradition or anything that many of my classmates did. I chose it because academically it was the best school I could get into. And it never dawned on me that one would choose a college for any other reason. I guess in some way I was playing it safe there too.

Shaking it up is not something I’m doing a lot of these days. I think back to those college days. At that age we do it so easily. We move outside of our comfort zone at that time in our lives. We easily and eagerly accept what’s different and new, and when you step into that different place life gets ScaryFun.

ScaryFun is like a roller coaster ride. It’s exhilarating in a safe way.  You know it’s going to be okay, because so far in your short life it has been. You’ve pretty much set yourself up for success of one kind or another. You’re confident and that feeling is heady. It’s awesome to have the bottom drop out of your stomach and know that it will return. ScaryFun for me is just FUN. There is no better time than ScaryFun.

I like Stephen King, Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Blair Witch Project. I like to get the shit kicked out of me….and then have it return fairly quickly. I like to be afraid, but in a safe way. I like to shake it up….for a moment. But back in the day I was a real risk taker. Back in the day I knew that jumping off the pier was going to lead me somewhere good.

And as we kept that momentum going we kept finding success and we learned that shaking it up works. We learned that taking chances leads us to our best life. We learned that, just like learning to walk, taking chances gets us somewhere.

How is it I forgot to take chances?

It got easier and easier not to and easier and easier to forget. Back in my 20s it seemed that every choice was a bit of a chance. Then the chances got fewer and fewer and it became a lot easier to just relax. Sleep in. Indulge. And while I felt like indulging was my due reward it got me away from mixing it up. Oh, no not mixing…SHAKING.

So as part of my journey, part of filling the well and daring to dream I realize that the only smart thing I can do is shake it up. I can’t keep doing it the way I’ve been doing it and expect different results. That would be insane, right?

So I think I’ll sip a little dirty martini with an extra olive, wish I still smoked like I did in college and dream of how I can best shake myself out of my safety zone.


2 responses to “Shake It Up!

  1. I’m curious about the Shake It Up options. I need to do the same but I don’t know that I’ve ever been a risk taker. I look forward to hearing how things unfold…

  2. Not a big pier jumper. Don’t go for Stephen King or rollercoasters. Afraid of deep water and undertows. Nothing set yet, but I am exploring all-girls surf and yoga camp for sometime in the Fall, in honor of my 40 years and my co-adventurers almost 50. All are welcome. Will likely be in Mexico, Nicaragua, or Costa Rica. Shake me, but please don’t damage my brain anymore than it already is….. XO Lara

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