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It’s that time of year again. It’s Easter week and while that doesn’t mean much to our family in the wider sense, it means a lot to me in that it’s Peep Week over at Up Popped A Fox!! 

Now I think Vikki is pretty smart, funny and a general good read, but during Peeps Week she outdoes herself. Last yeat there was a movie that was 11 years in the making, people. Not a slacker, that one, this year there are interviews amd links to amazingly informative Peep information.  And even her kids are in on the fun. Perhaps one day her partner will cut loose and wax poetic about her love of Peeps. Or perhaps not.

Be sure to check out last year’s posts to see the video as well as Vikki and her friend/officemate/partner-in-crime figure out Peep lattes and the best Peep selections in Minneapolis.

I can’t do better for you Easter week than leave you in the hilarious and capable hands of Vikki and Up Popped A Fox.

Enjoy!! And Happy Peep Week.


Dancing in the Sun

Today is one of those days where the sun is bright, the breeze is light and it feels awesome to be alive. I live in a college town and downtown is buzzing with energy, the coed hormones are stirring and it makes me remember my youth.

Yesterday….NOT one of those days. I did everything I wasn’t supposed to. I indulged in my character defects, caused upset and drama. I said I was sorry, yet I had a bad taste in my mouth and went to bed confused and lonely.

But I woke with lessons in my brain. I learned. I grew. I was uncomfortable and I looked long and hard at it and after a lot of phone calls and meditation I was able to let go of my mistakes.  I HAD said I was sorry and now today the day is one of those days that makes strangers smile at one another and say hello on the street.

It’s when I can see two so completely contrasting days that I get it.

I’m not perfect. I am wonderfully flawed, wonderfully broken and wonderfully human. This is my everyday state. On top of that, I’m going through a lot right now. My life is changing and it’s good, but it’s also messy and embarrassing sometimes. It’s yucky and feels mucky. But on the other side of it I can dance in the sun.

And today, that’s what I choose.

Ask For What You Want

I know we all hear that we can’t get what we want unless we ask. I know that even asking sounds ridiculous to some of us. It really did for me. It’s been hard in most of my relationships, but especially hard to ask  the universe. I guess it seemed selfish. I was raised to be a martyr. I was raised to put others before myself. I was raised….to be a woman.

I cringe as I write that, but really it’s true. If I asked for what I wanted I was called greedy or needy. Even in my adult life I’ve had men call me needy-simply for asking to have my needs met. I was taught that I needed to adapt my behavior, attitudes and langauge to suite everyone elses-especially if there was a man involved. And I learned the lessons really well. As most of you know I’ve felt lost. And how surprising is it? How could I possibly know myself when for almost 35 years I was a chameleon? Continue reading

Smacking into Myself

Okay, again I’ve been absent, but I have a really good excuse. Really! Really good.

Life has been awesome. I mean frickin awesome and I got carried away and forgot some stuff. Like posting, like checking in with my friends. I’m not reading blogs, nor am I blogging. I think you’ll forgive me, because this is good shit. I know, a yogi with a mouth like a sailor.

You’re dying to know right? I won the lottery?….um, I paid off all my debt and am moving to Hawaii? I lost weight, toned and am a glowing golden color by taking a pill…and oh, yeah I lost all the cellulite too. I hope you’re laughing. I hope you’re not holding your breath. Continue reading