Dancing in the Sun

Today is one of those days where the sun is bright, the breeze is light and it feels awesome to be alive. I live in a college town and downtown is buzzing with energy, the coed hormones are stirring and it makes me remember my youth.

Yesterday….NOT one of those days. I did everything I wasn’t supposed to. I indulged in my character defects, caused upset and drama. I said I was sorry, yet I had a bad taste in my mouth and went to bed confused and lonely.

But I woke with lessons in my brain. I learned. I grew. I was uncomfortable and I looked long and hard at it and after a lot of phone calls and meditation I was able to let go of my mistakes.  I HAD said I was sorry and now today the day is one of those days that makes strangers smile at one another and say hello on the street.

It’s when I can see two so completely contrasting days that I get it.

I’m not perfect. I am wonderfully flawed, wonderfully broken and wonderfully human. This is my everyday state. On top of that, I’m going through a lot right now. My life is changing and it’s good, but it’s also messy and embarrassing sometimes. It’s yucky and feels mucky. But on the other side of it I can dance in the sun.

And today, that’s what I choose.


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