Define The Vision-an opportunity to dream

So, I’m working on passion. I’m working on opening myself up to it, sharing it and teaching it. HOW do you teach passion?

I live the most passionate life I can imagine. And how do I that? Well, like everything it’s a process. I’still working on it, but last week I wrote some ideas and today I’m dreaming. Dreaming helps me define the vision. Dreaming helps me see how my life CAN be, without all the shadow belief, naysayers or doubts.

So DREAM. See your life in the most perfect way possible. Okay, I’m giving up a little of the upcoming workshop, but the best way I know is a writing exercise. Imagine that you can have ANYTHING you want. You can pretend you’ve won the lottery, have a personal assistant, your children actually listens to you or whatever you want, but don’t get dogged down in the details.

Imagine your life without obstacles. Imagine that you didn’t have to work, change diapers, pick up after your spouse/partner/roommate. Imagine that you got to spend every second of every day doing exactly what you want AND you wouldn’t feel guilty. Close your eyes. What do you see? Keep reminding yourself that it can be ANYTHING at all.

Another suggestion-flip thru magazines. The best place is Borders. Just wander the magazine section and see what grabs you. Start flipping. Don’t even worry about articles or any words at all. Look at the images. Notice which ones you’re drawn to you and note what about

them grabs you. Are you craving more peace, maybe the Mom lounging in the hammock in her perfectly manicured backyard looks heavenly. Wanting more love. Perhaps the two frolicking in the surf in Budget Travel is your thing. If you’re like me, it’s a combination. I want it all. Peace, love, success, happiness, world travel, iced drinks that make me feel sexy…..I want it all.

It’s a lot, but as my dreaming has taught me. Anything is possible. So dream. Dream big. Don’t edit yourself. Tell your Mother’s voice in the back of your head to shut up and enjoy the fantasy. It doesn’t cost you a think and it will probably get you closer to having the life you  truly desire.

Sweet dreams.


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