Monthly Archives: October 2010

Live Passionately-Setting Goals

Remember when I said I hate to have a plan? I like planning, but hate the actual plan. Goals are almost as hard.

Here’s what I’ve learned about goals. You must take into account your strengths and weaknesses. You must consider your dreams and most importantly, you must throw out that naysaying voice in the back of your head, even if it’s your mother/neighbor/best friend/spouse. Every goal is achievable. Absolutely every goal.

Having said that I also must say you have to check in with WHY you want to set a goal. You have to let go of the shoulds, woulds, mights and really focus on what is important to you. And you must decide How important it is. Is it important enough to realign your activities and focus? Consider what you must give up to achieve your goal.  Because if you could have your Dream and continue living the way you do, you’d already have it right? Continue reading


Getting Out of My Own Way

It’s a miracle really. It’s miraculous that I have a blog and people still seem to show up and read and occasionally even comment.

Again I’ve had a dry spell and again I have a really good reason. But this time it’s, I’m happy to say, entirely different. THIS time it’s not because I’m too overwhelmed to move or because I’ve had two weeks of headaches/backaches/heartaches. THIS time I decided to do something different and THIS time it’s because life is happening so fast I can’t always catch my breath.

Believe me, it’s a welcome change. Continue reading