Black Friday-and it begins

I don’t care how early the stores put up holiday ware or how cold it gets. I don’t think the Holiday season really begins until the day after Thanksgiving. I’m not an actual Christian and I know that sometimes Chanukkah is very early-beginning of December, but I still think Holiday is after Turkey Day. And before you start commenting, yes I know that Chanukkah does not have the same significance to Jews as Christmas does to Christians.

This day of crazy deals and even crazier shopping frenzy  is now termed Black Friday. It’s become the biggest shopping day of the year and as a result, it’s become the biggest day to get those deep discounts. I remember as a teen my best friend Emily and I would hit Water Tower on Michigan Ave. on the Friday after Thanksgiving and then go to my house for my Mom’s yummiest meal-Thanksgiving leftovers. But back then it wasn’t the day of deep discounts and 4am lines outside of sleeping stores. It was just a fun day to hang out with friends and enjoy a long weekend.

I’m returning to my roots. This year I’m resisting the big discounts, the big discount houses and the mega stores. Even Target, though I love you so.

My idea this year for gift giving is a little different from past years. In past years I’ve thought about giving things that will last, that will give my family and loved ones joy and pleasure throughout the year. A physical, tangible item that they could look at and smile as they thought of how sweet and caring I was. That’s over.

Half my friends don’t have insurance, half my family thinks that health gets put on the back burner. So I had this lightbulb moment a few months ago. Not only am I a holistic healer, but I believe in holistic healing and I believe in supporting other holistic healers. What could be a better gift than the gift of healing? Health in body, mind, spirit is the best that I could possibly ask for AND the biggest gift that I could ever give.

I encourage you to give health, relaxation and peace to your nearest and dearest AND I’m going to indulge in some shameless promotion of my healers and friends that are in the healing industry. And think about the time, energy and money you save. Most of us offer holiday discounts too, but buying your brother a massage is so much more affordable than that flat screen he’s been wanting.

So here’s who I’m looking at in Lawrence.

Just so I don’t get a hundred emails asking why I didn’t promote myself, yes Breathe Holistic Life Center has gift certificates available. Not just for the holidays, we have them all year around. I’m working on some relaxation products to offer and if I hear from you I will guarantee any of them for holiday gift giving. I’m working on a relaxation cd with me leading a meditation and a warm-up. I’m expanding on the cooling mist that I used on students two summers ago and am developing a mist called Peace on Earth. It’s warm and comforting, but cooling at the same time. with Lavender and hints of Vanilla and Mint. And finally, I’m hoping to have tinctures, eye bags and meditation alters available from others sometime soon. Seriously, let me know if you’re interested because it will keep my motivation up to work on these products.

One of my favorite people ever and an energy healer who has changed my life, Beth Murphy, a Neshamah Healer,  is an amazing soul. She’s kind and gentle, doesn’t judge and doesn’t have expectations. I lay on the table and she works her magic. Sometimes I fall asleep and often I snore, but she does her work with love and peace and I feel refreshed. That night I sleep like a baby and I always feel like I’ve done tough, tough work that I’ve slept through. I see Beth every month, but any time you get with her is an awesome gift.

My massage therapist, Ashlee Harrison, is more than a massage therapist. She’s a true healer. She can ease my tension, heal my discomfort and relax my mind. I love that she is a problem solver. Whatever issue I may have she thinks before working on me and comes with solutions that involve body, mind and spirit. An hour on her table is pure bliss. She can get deep or be gentle equally. Ashlee is half healer, half soother.

Just this weekend I discovered Ad Astra Acupuncture. I’d never tried acupuncture, but I am now a true believer. Struggling with tendonitis in my thumb for months, I was at my wit’s end. I couldn’t practice yoga without shots of pain and was getting to the point where I couldn’t even hold up my own weight. Nick Kurtz is kind and has a gentle nature. His space at 1119 Mass Street is peaceful and relaxing. Unlike other practitioners Nick works with clients in a communal setting, much like acupuncturists work in Asia. You lay back and relax, deciding on your own how long you’d like to breathe and relax with the pins doing their work. Best of all, Nick works on a sliding fee so you can commit to your own health.

I had another first this month. We hired someone to clean the house. Not only did it feel decadent, but the house was crazy clean. It may not seem like this is a health issue, but it really is. Estrella Brigid of Down to Earth Natural Cleaning, cleans thoroughly and without harmful pesticides, using many of her personally developed products. We’ve made a commitment to take away some of the stress and tension of taking care of the house and dividing the labor as well as keeping the house even cleaner. We’ve noticed that it’s easier to be around each other and we breathe better. Our lungs actually feel better.

Those are my picks. A gift certificate from any of these practitioners would be an amazing gift. Sometime very soon I’m going to blog about products that I like cause people keep asking if there’s really a difference in yoga mats. And I’ll also do a little shameless promotion of the next big event at Breathe. Think Relaxation Retreat.

Commit to health and peace of mind in 2011. Breathe.



4 responses to “Black Friday-and it begins

  1. Wonderful thoughts……good healthy food for thought…..I’m Thankful for your insights……Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Thanks! I know it’s hard to make the break from the traditional gift buying/giving, but I think it’s worth it. At least for the adults in our lives.

  3. Baking and cooking are spirtual experiences for me. . . the act of creating and feeding others is very fulfilling. So I bake for others during this season which feels like a much more intimate connection than big box shopping for those loved ones on my list. I love your ideas for sharing health inspiring experiences (I may just have to buy myself some cleaning sessions!!) and am looking forward to Breathe’s retreat on Saturday to see about these amazing healers you speak of : )

  4. I agree. Baking and cooking take us to our core. They are grounded, basic and lovely. To give something that is of your heart and your hand is deeply rooted in our ancestry and feeds satisfaction. I wish I could think of a word that helps express that deep seated, grounded and balanced feeling that we get from baking, cooking, birthing and parenting. Sometimes I think earthy and sometimes I need more. Thank you. Thank you for being a part of the community and thank you for your feedback.

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