Live Passionately-stay focused

This year has been a whirlwind. When I look back at where I was last year, how unhappy I was and all the upheaval in my life it absolutely amazes me that it’s really been such a short time.

Today my focus is on creating the life that I want, not focusing on what I don’t want. Think about it. There’s a lot of power in intentionally creating your life.  I spent so much time thinking about what I wished was-or really what I wished wasn’t that I wasn’t putting together anything to be proud of.

That word alone made me cringe. Pride. Proud. Me? I didn’t think I deserved a life to be proud of. I thought it meant that I was too ambitious, too wanting, too selfish.  Now I know better. Now I know that the best way to teach my children, to inspire others, to teach well and to live well is to be proud of who I am and what I do.

So, I had to set about creating that life, because it wasn’t just going to fall in my lap. To review we’ve identified the need to Dream and the need to Set Goals  in past posts. The next step is to constantly be reviewing those goals.

Sounds exhausting. It really really really isn’t. It’s fun and exciting and inspiring, because remember,  if it’s not jump-out-of-your-seat-exciting it’s the wrong dream. Now, don’t get me wrong we all get immobilized by fear or get overwhelmed at times. We’re not talking about that. We’re talking about being scared and still wanting it. If that’s the case, you’re just going to put one foot in front of the other and make it happen and here’s the next step.

Make your goals a priority every single day. I love a vision board to make it happen. My friend and meditation buddy came up with and updated version. Or maybe it was my idea, but she ran with it. A Vision Journal. Take pictures, quotes, sayings, doings, colors, textures and images that inspire you and create that feeling of what you really really crave and paste them into a journal. A large sketch book is wonderful. Something you can throw in your bag and pull out throughout the day is perfect. I’m a backpack/messenger bag kinda girl so something bigger can work for me. Choose something you’ll want to cart around because you’re going to be looking at this several times a day and if you’re dreams are too big to lug around, you’re never going to achieve them.

There are two ways to do this. You can simply put pictures of the exact things you want. Pining for a BMW? Put the exact make, model and color in your book. OR maybe you need something updated, but you’re not decided or don’t care. Make a collage of sleek, luxury vehicles that help you feel the decadence, power or thrill that you’re looking for.

So my meditation buddy pastes things into her journal and  then she journals about it. She’s open to what she’s creating, what she’s craving and how she needs to get there on an hourly basis. If something pops up that doesn’t move her further along the path towards achieving she’s aware that she gets to make a choice. She chooses what becomes of her life instead of just being pulled along by the flow.

I list in conjunction with the vision board/book. I have a list of what I want to accomplish in a day and every single thing on my list is bringing me a little bit closer to a goal. Even if it’s meet a girlfriend for a drink, it’s bringing joy, connection and fun into my life and helps me be a better, more rounded, fuller person. I look at each and every activity that I choose to participate in and decide on whether it adds to my life or sucks my time and energy. And again, here’s the kicker. If I decide that today I’d rather lie around and watch tv instead of working to have the life that I want, then there’s a disconnect somewhere.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with television. I love the couch and a lazy Sunday more than most, but when I choose to veg in front of the tv I’m being healthy and honoring my need for brain rest. When I’m finding myself in front of the tv instead of engaging in the life I really want-there’s something wrong. I need to step back and ask myself why. Am I paralyzed by fear? Am I wearing myself out because I’ve packed too much in? Am I doing what I’m doing for the wrong reasons?

So I step back. I take a walk. I meditate. I get on the mat and figure out what’s under it all. If I’m packing too much in or feeling fearful then it’s time to go back to the goals and break it down even further.

I also know a woman who kept a list by her dog bowl. It was a list of what she really wanted in life and by putting it by the dog bowl she was sure it see it at least twice a day. And that’s the advantage of a vision board too. If the board is on your bedroom or bathroom wall, in your hallway or office you’re going to see it several times a day and you’re going to remember how great that BMW looks and it’s going to inspire you to do not one, but two things today that drive you towards achieving your goals.

So if the journal is for you. Open it often. Write your thoughts, your goals, your revised dream in it as often as you need to. I revisit my goals every morning and it helps set the tone for my entire day.

If you’d rather have a list or two make sure you’re crossing things off them on a daily basis. Make sure you’re checking it so you know what direction to turn. Consider it your road map for your life. If the list is lopsided and there are more shoulds than wants start editing. Your list should be full of what you want, not what you should. If it’s all about what should happen then you’re going at it the wrong way. Living Passionately means loving the steps that get us there and perhaps that’s more important than the actual dream.

By staying in constant contact with what you want you’re going to get there. I promise. You will be the inspiration that others need to accomplish their dreams. You will be the one everyone looks up to and wants to be like. You will have a life that makes you happy and inspires you to be the best you you can be.

Just Breathe so that you can Live Passionately.


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