Living Passionately-Stay Focused with Accountability

So, we’ve gotten quiet, we’ve focused in and we’re moving towards a life that makes us so happy we’re giddy. We wake up ready to hop out of bed and get the day started. And then one day we wake up and that excitement isn’t there anymore. Something’s changed.

One of the biggest struggles we all have in living our best life is staying focused. It’s so easy to get sidetracked. How many times have we gone on vacation and thought “Maybe we should move here”. It’s the biggest downfall for small businesses too. We get great ideas that can make us enough to cover payroll for the month in one afternoon and we forget that it’s not leading us where we want to go.  We spend time and energy on the special event/promotion/opportunity and meanwhile we’re ignoring why we’re really here. 

Individually we tell everyone we’re saving money for a new car/vacation/wardrobe and then we sabotage ourselves by buying epensive concert tickets on a whim or going out with the girls every weekend for a month.

Then we hate ourselves for not focusing, for not accomplishing our goals when we said we would. We feel like we’ve failed and then we give up altogether. Sometimes we even justify it by saying we needed to blow off steam, or it’s a related interest or we needed to cover payroll, right? No matter how great the opportunity is if it’s taking us away, using our energy in other ways that isn’t proprelling us it’s just a distraction. Distractions drain our energy. Distractions make us tired and forgetful. Distractions make us forget our passion.

We all need a little help. But so often we’re loathe to ask for it. Or accept it when it’s offered. Somehow I learned that I had to do it all alone, that help would make the success not quite as sweet.

Even though I secretly believed that, I’ve had mentors most of my life. These weren’t life or business coaches, but kind and encouraging individuals who have changed my life for the better. One was a boss, another a teacher, and still another a friend just a bit older, but with wisdom and perspective. And that’s the thread that runs through them all. They were all wise in their own ways, all kind and all had perspective where sometimes I had very little.

So we’ve got the dream, we’ve got the goals. The number one ingredient for success is to find an accountability partner. Whether you want to loose weight, start a business, or transition into the next part of your life and whether it’s a  friend, a teacher, a family member or a co-worker accountability is key.

You need someone that you can call every week, month or even every day. Someone who will ask you “How’s it going?” And listen.

I have a friend that calls every day. I needed someone to help me stay on track with my meditation practice. She calls and checks in, but now our friendship has deepened and expanded and we’re more of life accountability partners. Every day I tell her what I’ve done and what I’m working on. She tells me hers and we chat.

But here’s the thing. She doens’t just give advice. Actually most often she doesn’t. She says wonderfully encouraging and supportive things, but that’s not the real power here.

The real power is that she listens. And she keeps me focused because every day I hear myself say what I’ve accomplished and what I’m going to do. Every day I state my intention out loud.

That is powerful. Truly powerful.

And when I start to get off  my intended path she doesn’t even have to say anything. I hear it. I hear myself say it to her and I get that moment to contemplate whether I’m getting distracted or whether what’s been set in front of me is what I’m supposed to be doing.

Because sometimes the universe asks me to focus on something I didn’t intend. And sometimes that thing is meant to lead me further along the path in ways that I couldn’t possibly see unless it just popped up in front of me.

Now don’t get me wrong. We all get sidetracked and we still can accomplish our goals. But a little accountability goes a long way.

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by what I’m not doing (blogging) that I forget to notice what I’ve already accomplished. I started a blog! Accountability helps us keep track of our accomplishments and when I see my accomplishments I can be excited about who I am and what I’m doing. I can see the path that’s behind me which illuminates the path before me.

So, today pull out your dream. Read it again. Really read it, don’t just scan it. Then look at your goals. Look at how you’ve broken down your goals and see where you are. Are you stuck? Pick up the phone and call someone who can help you take the next step.

And remembe that just in taking these steps you’ve already accomplished the dream. You’re living passionately.


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