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Be Happy!

I’m running errands. I don’t have a budget, but I don’t have a lot to spend so I’m only picking up necessities. And then my final store is Tuesday Morning to see if I can find plush, but cheap hand towels for the studio. I find two handfuls of things that I really want, but aren’t necessary. But I really want them. And I don’t want much. I live very simply. I live a minimalist life when it comes to material goods. And I’m stuck. What do I do? I’m not holding hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise, I’m holding a reasonable amount of items that will bring me joy and happiness-CDs on sale, office supplies really cheap, rugs at a great price.

And I pull out my wallet.

It’s not something I do a lot. I can treat myself. That’s not the problem. Well, treating myself is not the same as it is for some people. I live in a small city. A lovely city, but it’s not the same as home.

Chicago is a city that begs you to drop $40 at lunch and $60 at the martini bar-on THURSDAY NIGHT when you still have Happy Hour on Friday and seeing your favorite jazz band on Saturday and brunch with friends on Sunday morning and then you’re so worn out you grab Thai take-out Sunday evening. And at some point during the weekend you need to pick up a few things and there’s $150 at the specialty grocery. Drop in at the nursery at the hint of warm weather and spend your paycheck. 

Can you tell what things in life are important to me?

Somehow it’s much easier for me to live reasonably in Kansas. I just don’t have the same need to keep up with the Jones….Or the Liebermans, as it were.  Or maybe I’m just older and I realize what’s really important in my life. Or maybe it’s this place in my life….two kids, recently separated, new business. Maybe it’s just realizing that I need to be a little careful. Okay, a lot careful.

Maybe it’s just an age thing.

But I do pull out my wallet and you know why?

Because these things that I want to buy make me happy. And I’m finally at a place in my life that I realize how important happiness is. Those CDs-they’re cheesy compilation discs, but with great songs and artists that make me smile and feel good.

And that’s really the deciding point.  I’ve been struggling. It’s been a tough year and I just want to settle down into myself.  I’m more than ready to let go of the drama and the craziness. And it hits me like a lightening bolt. All I need to do is Be Happy. 

It’s such a simple concept, but so complex. When I’m happy, when I surround myself by smells, sounds, people that make me happy the rest of my life flows wonderfully. When I just let myself experience good things I can be awesome at what I do.

I’m so tired of believing that it all has to be a really big struggle. I’m ready to just Be Happy.

Try it, I think it will change your life! It’s changing mine.


Living the Dream

Over the last few months I’ve gotten serious about the dream. Last year I would have told you that my dreaDreamm was only ever going to be a dream. The walls were too high, the distance too great. I just couldn’t fathom how I could have the life I wanted, be the person I wanted. If you read the blog back then I had a lot of yearning, a lot of big dreams and I could talk a good talk. I just wasn’t putting one Continue reading