New and Unexpected, Learning to Just Be

Last week, I had the special treat of both doing something new and having unexpected results. Jeff Klein, Institute of Transformational Studies performed at Breathe Holistic Life Center. For those of you who don’t know, this is my business. I am the owner and Director of Breathe, as well as a yoga teacher. Of course, I’d heard of healing through crystal bowls. I regularly see a Neshamah Energy practitioner who studies at ITS and works out of the center. I know that energy work works. It heals. It helps me center and focus, feel present and rested. It’s rejuvenating and soothing. But I’d never been to a crystal bowl concert.

Let me say that Jeff was in town about six months ago and performed at another venue. My intention was to be there, but I was feeling like I was coming down with something and I decided to stay home on the couch. Now, my Neshamah Healer said that when you’re feeling like that it’s the perfect time to go to a crystal bowl ceremony. Later, I heard that it had been something going around. Lots of people were picking it up and felt awful. Some of those people went to Jeff’s crystal bowl ceremony. Those people felt fine just a few days later. Actually, they reported feeling better walking out the door.

So on all levels I believe in this healing. I’d never personally experienced it, though. First, let me say that Jeff has great energy. He’s kind and charming and very real. He speaks with pride and love of his son Joey Klein, founder of Institute of Transformational Studies. He came to healing later in life, but is truly a gifted practitioner.

So we sat comfortably. I sat in the window seat so I could turn the lights off, control the fans and say goodbye and thank you to anyone who had to leave early.

Jeff explained the service, that he was going to play one of Joey’s meditations on cd. I inwardly groaned. One man left. I looked around nervously to see if others might be rolling their eyes or feeling like leaving. Everyone stayed put and as he started the cd Jeff picked up one of the crystal bowls. A clear, calm tone rang out and as he started to walk around the room, Joey’s voice helped me sink down into myself, opening my heart and quieting my brain. 

Jeff strolled in and amongst us for almost and hour, changing bowls and letting the tones swirl around, over and inside us. At one point he stood within six inches of me moving a large white bowl from one side of my head to the other. Flashes of color exploded in front of my eyes. The tones sounded almost like a siren in it’s movement closer on one side and then closer on the other, back and forth, in and out. I was curious why he chose this for me when I’d seen him through slitted eyes put the bowl above another woman’s head.

Times during the 50 minutes I dropped so deeply in my own meditation that I’d forget to listen to Joey. When the bowls came around my attention shifted and I stood outside my body to observe my own reaction to the tones, but I also sat deeply inside myself and experienced the shifts that the tones evoked in me.

After, Jeff told us to drink water and eat dark chocolate and not to drive for 15 minutes or so. I was light, but present; calm, but buzzing. I was so in my body and clear that the whole experience feels like it happened yesterday. 

And the crazy thing? I’ve been nursing tendonitis in my thumb for the better part of a year. That afternoon my thumb was pain free. That day I didn’t get my mid-afternoon slump-or the next. And even though I still get a little tired in the afternoons, it’s not at all what it was like the week before I met Jeff Klein.

I saw people there that I’ve worked with and knew suffered from depression, or back pain, anxiety or knee issues. This week, I haven’t seen one of them in class.

They’ll be back. Because at the end of the day yoga is more than a physical practice. It’s a spiritual way of life and while my students may want to heal their backs they also recognize there is something else they’re getting from the practice. If people who are suffering find a reprieve from their pain and hurt, even for a few days and even from a practice that is not mine I can only rejoice.

This week we’re all better for having met Jeff Klein. Better for layering another level of healing. Better for, once again, daring to open our hearts. Better for allowing ourselves to close our eyes and just Be.


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