Reigniting the Passion

It’s Passion Friday.

Bet you didn’t know there was such a thing, but there is.  Now there is.

So my idea for Passion Friday is to get us revved up and excited about life. This is the one chance that we get. Today is it. Living fully means living in the present. Do not start thinking that life can happen tomorrow. Life is right here, right now. And whether you want it or not you already have a life that you’ve defined and other people identify as yours. I know, I was one of those 40 years wondering what I was going to do when I grew up too. But it’s here, I’m doing it and whether I actively chose or not, I made choices and I’m here well into adulthood, living life. The question for me was how do I stop passively making choices and take my life into my own hands. 

And the answer was very simple. Easy, no. Simply, YES! Passion. Passion is what makes the world go round for me. Passion , that feeling of excitement and happiness is what I look for. I know I’ve written much of this before, but it’s worth repeating.

So how do we do this thing called passion? First we need to get clarity. We all have so many things that are pulls for us.  So many things we think we’d really like to do…if only. If I didn’t have to pay for college for three kids I could write that book.  If I didn’t have to take care of ____ we could move to ___and I could open that bed or breakfast.

And if you’re like me it’s not just the If Onlys, it was also figuring out what I really WANT. Should I be in a band or start a boutique? Should I have another child or travel for the next six months? Okay, I’ll admit my choices are a little more mundane, but they’re still really big in my head.

I’ve linked to this here before, but I think it’s worth taking a look at Chris and Janet Atwood’s The Passion Test. It gives a good starting point of figuring out where passion places in your life. Are you living fully? Or just getting through? Are you waking up excited about what is yours to do? Are you being the person you were sent here to be?

I wasn’t. I absolutely felt horrible most days of my life. And I can’t tell you exactly what did it, but I decided that I wanted something different. It’s been a journey and some of you have been here to see the ugly, the depressed and the comical. But I can happily say that today the road is more about the fun, the inspiring and the happy. The road has bumps and last week was one of those weeks that there were potholes, but I always know there’s a road crew ahead making the next part of the road smooth.

And here’s the thing. It’s not about getting somewhere, cause I don’t know where I’m going. I know every day life is different and every morning I’m pretty excited to see what the universe has in store for me.  I have some plans, but I try hard not to have expectations. I try to set my intention, put one foot in front of the other and see what happens. It’s a pretty good way to live.

Back in my painful, struggling days. I tried hard to force situations and results. Oh, I thought I was easy-going and just flowing the universal energy. But deep down  I thought I could whine, nag, manipulate or power my way through to getting my way. And you know what? It caused a lot of drama, a lot of wasted energy and even if I did get what I thought I wanted it wasn’t very sweet. Usually halfway through the fight to get my way I changed my mind about what I really wanted, but I was so invested in the fight that I foraged forward anyway.

Today is such a different story. Today is about connecting every day to work I love, people I love and a life I love.

Join me on Fridays for discussions about Passion. Read past posts about living passionately. Take the test. And put your pen to paper and write about how passion figures in your life. Is there any? Are you so passionate you’re brimming over? Maybe you just need a little direction.

Today, plan one thing for the weekend that makes you insanely happy. Maybe it’s playing with your puppy. Maybe it’s an old black and white film. Maybe it’s a massage or a pedicure. Just one tiny thing. Commit to it and have fun!


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