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Developing Passion

When I first got interested in Passion  I started looking around me and wondering why some people were able to put one foot in front of the other and accomplish their goals, live their dreams and seem happy while others of us really struggled to even know what we wanted. I heard Christine Kloser speak on living consciously and spiritual entrepreneur. What she meant, and what I had never encountered before, was what we call being in alignment. I thought, what if I take what she’s teaching, make it my own and teach it as a yoga workshop.

I knew that authenticity had to be a cornerstone. I could not be the best Me if I wasn’t focusing on who me was. So I creathed the Authenticity and Wholeness workshop. And that served me well,  but there was still a disconnect.

I heard Janet Atw00d talk about passion. And I got fired up. Cause I thought Passion, that makes sense. You can’t be authentic for the sake of authenticity. There has to be a reason, a payoff. Passion was the reason to be authentic. When I get real, I get what I want in life.

I heard Brene Brown talk about authenticity, wholeheartedness and connection. It all made sense. I got her book, The Gift Of Imperfection. I was excited and yet, I felt like something was missing.

It was. They were intellectualizing. And that’s not a bad place to start, but I felt that for what they were sharing to work in my life it had to be about what I think about, what I feel and how I feel. It had to be about body, mind and spirit. If it did not connect in that way for me it was just going to be another theory. It was going to end up in the back of my mind and not be the guiding forvce to help me be the best Melissa I can be.

So, I took what I’d learned about authenticity, I read, I researched and I listened about Passion and took what I knew about the mat kind of yoga practice, about what I’d learned in Unity about wisualization, growing intention and attention. I got on the mat and I got quiet. I wrote and journald, practiced and meditated and I put together Passion Yoga Workshop.

And we got clear about what we wanted and we talked about how to incorporate those desires into our lives as our lives stood now.  I knew that this had to be immediate. We couldn’t wait to heave our best lives until we lost 20 pounds or when the kids were grown. So we talked about What Can I Do Today that changes my life. What Can I Do Today that brings me more happiness, more passion, more balance and more joy.

And I walked away feeling pretty good. But I still felt there was something  missing. And I was struggling with it in my own life so it was pretty easy to pinpoint. Okay, so I’m clear about what I want. Okay, so I’m bringing aspects of my perfect life into my present life. Okay,  so what? Cause now my marriage is falling apart and my mom has cancer and my bank account is empty, so now what?

And I knew that I needeed to focus on what was really driving me every single day. And I needed to develop ways to keep myself motivated. I needed to have a network of support, a cadre of roadmaps to keep me on track because face it, life gets in the way of our living sometimes.

So I created Passion Yoga Workshop II. And I was fired up and excited and crazy happy. And I wanted to shout from the rooftops. I wanted to share and travel and learn and lecture and write.

And then I got scared. I got really scared and I stopped being excited and just was scared. And I had health problems and relationship problems and crises of faith issues.

And I was a living example of WHY we need passion  and I knew that I had to step forward, belive in my own worthiness and belonging. I had to believe in my right to live authentically, wholely and passionately and do what was driving me. Cause if I didn’t, well I don’t know what was going to happen to me, but I also knew I didn’t want to find out.

So today it isn’t perfect, but there is a lot of progress. Today I wake up with a sense of purpose and I know that when I wake up feeling lost or scared, it’s time for me to get on the mat and then if it still don’t feel like jumping in my car and following my dream, then it’s time to call someone who reminds me who Melissa is. 

So this year is very exciting for me. This is the year that I step back from teaching the regular classes so much and teach more workshops, cause they are truly my passion. I actually have a regular paycheck, cause it’s been a looong time. I teach specialty classes. I travel and write. This is the year the Melissa isn’t afraid of being Melissa.

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