Monthly Archives: July 2012

The Perfect Morning

The perfect anything is always in the most simple and mundane. And even though I know this I still overwhelm myself with the expectancy of the special and extraordinary. During  special events or occasions  I spend so much time telling myself to be present because it’s special that the whole event loses its meaning. But there is a beauty in the simple, a gift in the unexpected perfection of a sunny Saturday morning.

This morning was one of those simple, perfect times. I woke up early. Way too early. I got time to just lie and breathe. Just be right here.  I read a bit. I watched Hulu a bit. Just as I was falling back to sleep my son called out and asked me to cuddle. I climbed into his bed and wrapped my arms around his little six year old body. He snuggled his strong back into my belly and breasts and we sighed. It wasn’t long before his breathing was even and I was watching him sleep. His muscular and tanned little arms wrapped around his stuffed lion just fascinating me by their strength and simplicity and beauty.

When he rolled over I got to gaze at his perfect little face and as I was wondering how I got so lucky, he smiled. He smiles in his sleep a fair amount. When he was a baby he would giggle in his sleep. Sometimes even laugh hysterically. And every time I see a sleep smile or hear a sleep chuckle from the other room all is right in the world, the angels have smiled on me.  And it’s been hard to feel that way lately because there has been so much upheaval recently and this perfect child has been struggling.  I feel like his slumbering laughter is a little sign from the universe that he’s okay.

And then, I slipped away and back into my own grown up bed that I adore. I snuggled under the soft, cool covers and dozed until my body said, okay it’s time for coffee! I french pressed Ethiopian Yergacheffe from the co-op. Last week it was French Roast. And I do this every morning, but on some mornings I remember to be mindful while I do it and remember to be grateful for this simple ritual. But every morning I am excited about coffee. Every morning I say to myself, Oh Yeah! Coffee!

And before I knew it the phone was ringing for my phone date with one of my oldest friends. D is a friend I only see about once a year and during the school year when she’s teaching and being a mom to her two and I’m being mom to my two and dealing with owning a business and all the chaos that we’ve gone through this year, we barely even leave each other messages, let alone talk. So a morning to sit on my porch with my blooming pots of geraniums and the lazy Saturday morning sun coming up over the trees and talk to a dear friend while my little slice of perfection laughs in his sleep and  sip my Ethiopian is a pretty perfect morning.