Monthly Archives: October 2012


Obviously I haven’t been posting consistently, but I didn’t realize that I was so out of touch. I found this post in my drafts folder, complete and just waiting. Poor post, I’m sure it was lonely and thought I forgot it. Well, I did. This is from about a month back. I was in Boston the week of September 13th. Enjoy.

I’m back from a week in Boston with my sweetie. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever known a week to go faster.  It was a week of connection. You may know that J and I now live in separate states, 1600 miles apart. It was a week of sight-seeing. I was actually born in Boston, but haven’t been out there in about 15 years. And it’s always different staying day after day in a city, rather than the day visits I did when my sister was in college out East. It was a week of exercise! I forgot how much you walk and climb stairs in the city. It was a week of healing. Between just spending time together, spooning while we slept, sitting on the beach listening to the ocean and Happy Feet Chinese Massage I feel great! A little tired, but ready to tackle the week here.

So, here’s what I learned this week-cause you know I’m all about the lessons that the Universe is providing for me.

I learned that all that matters is right now. The hurts, traumas, difficulties and struggles aren’t important today. Unless I make them important. If I want to wallow and struggle, I can. But I don’t have to. I forget that a lot. So this week was about being in the moment. And when I remember that, I get to experience my relationship and J in a different way. A better way.

I learned-or remembered that I LOVE the city. I’m partial to Northern, but East, Midwest or West doesn’t seem to matter. I find cities like Austin and Albuquerque enjoyable in a different way.  I’m an extrovert and I’m energized by other people, by traffic and even by cement. Cities like Chicago, NYC, Boston make me feel alive, vibrant, young and happy! And, of course, I’m a water baby and Boston is a great water city.

I LOVE new things. I loved learning the T and eating in new restaurants and even experiencing old foods in a different way. Cause burritos are different everywhere you go…and let’s not even talk about the seafood. God! I ate at least two meals that involved mussels. And while I’m a native Chicagoan and my first job was at Giordano’s, famous for it’s stuffed pizza, Boston can hold it’s own when it comes to pizza. It’s different, but every neighborhood has their pride and joy pizza joint. Maybe even more than Chicago (did I really just write that?).

And all these things taught me a great yogic lesson. Or reminded me. It’s all about being in the moment. It’s what the ancients taught and what Buddha teaches. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s easy, but when I’m in the moment I am experiencing connection. When I’m in a new place and especially when that new place is a city like Boston I can only be in this moment.

Nothing illustrated that more than my last night. J and I decided it would be a great idea to take the motorcycle to Cambridge cause I hadn’t been to Harvard Square in over 20 years. So we set out at 3:30. Oops. Rush hour was fast approaching and while I trust J, it was the maiden voyage for the motorcycle in Boston. Now, I probably don’t have to point out that taking a leisure ride in Lawrence and surrounding FARMLAND is different than Dorchester to Cambridge. The lesson and really good thing? I made peace with my life. I thought, it’s been good and I don’t have regrets and my kids will be fine.

And that’s scary (and funny), but really, how can you do anything but be in the moment on the back of a motorcycle, with a semi-experienced driver, in a new city to both of you, hurtling through traffic? I was intensely aware of everything around me, the temperature-in the afternoon I was a little warm in the stop and go traffic and then freezing in the evening. I saw Boston in a completely different way, cause it was so different every time I saw it…from a car, walking, from the T, on the back of a bike.

So, I guess the theme of the week was being in the moment. And my work this week is to be in that place even though it won’t be as easy. Do I need a rubber band around my wrist? Or maybe I need to experience my same old, same old surroundings with fresh eyes every time.

I’m working on it. You work on it and we’ll check in.