Breathe Holistic Life Center is my dream and my passion.

Like me the Center has been in transition. This year Breathe is moving from being a physical space to being mostly virtual. There are still some classes, but mostly the work is with private clients and semi private classes. It is a learning center offering workshops, classes and retreats.

I am a yoga therapist and personal chef. I teach an eclectic vinyasa mix with heavy therapeutic focus. I still sometimes cook and design menus and recipes  for people who want to be healthy and/or people with health issues. I write about both.

You can check out Breathehlc for information about classes, yoga, cooking and the yoga blog that I write there.

I also have a Breathe page on Facebook where you can be a fan. I send out ways to help you focus, energize and relax, as well as instruct in poses. Sometimes I include links to great sites that I find. As long as it’s somehow related to yoga I like to share it with the fans.

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